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    We provide a solution for clients who don't settle for average or status quo in their approach to sustainability, even in their parking lots. Canopy clients want secure and robust on-site sustainable PV power, reduced run-off, recovered water, car charging, very low maintenance costs, a smooth installation and a long life.


    To address these requirements, we used marine and aviation materials technology to develop the Canopy: to make it lightweight, but incredibly strong - designed for 120mph winds acting on four of snow.  Because of their high-carbon footprints we reduced concrete use to one cubic yard per column, and very little steel.  Smooth requires limited site impact and minimal business disruption:  minor excavation and driven or drilled piles.


    Something this robust and durable also needs to be nice to look at, a compliment to its surroundings. We think we achieved that as well. Let us know what you think.

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